Very Vercors Experience

Royans-Vercors has a wide variety of activities to offer for amateur nature lovers to extreme adventurers.

The summer experience

Cycling, hiking and running are possible directly from the “la clé des champs”. Local sites include Combe Laval, Bourne canyon, Choranche caves and mutiple waterfalls. Saint Laurent en Royans is also a central base for mutiple activities, which allows quick access to the different plateaux in the Vercors, to the climbing sites such as Presles cliffs, to the Leoncel canyon for canyoning and the Saint Jean en Royans airfield for panoramic flights of the Vercors.

Very Vercors is on hand to offer advice for your activities.

Impatient to plan your trip?! Check out our local information page or contact us for more detailed information.

Local hiking and cycling maps are available for use.

The winter experience

Saint Laurent en Royans is situated at the base of the mountains at 300m altitude. It’s the perfect location to enjoy the warmer weather in winter and still go skiing if you desire. The Valence side of the Vercors offers smaller, quieter ski resorts, with a forus on nordic skining. You can go skiing at Herboilly, Presles or Font d’Urle, which are a 30 minute drive away.

Very Vercors can lend you some pairs of snowshoes if you wish.

2022 Summer experience

This last year was very stressful for everyone. You deserve a special treat this summer! 🙂

Hence this summer Very Vercors is partnering with local entrepreneurs to offer you a relaxing experience with a group initiation session in Qi Gong.

Clémence can offer you a relaxing experience composed of two parts, first a warm-up using streching and breathing, followed by a Qi Gong initiation to stimulate the body and mind and enhance the relaxing experience.
Suitable for all ages.

Cost: 45 Euros for 1 hour

Activities take place on demand, on site, outdoors, weather permitting.

Clémence: 06 70 85 59 75 Code: Gavin

very vercors English language experience

english, english language, language

English as a familly with fun activities in the morning and free
recreation periods in the afternoon to discover the region.

To come soon.